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"I wanted to create amazing technology that supports and connects people with a cancer diagnosis to family, friends and also clinicians, to give piece of mind that if something needs attention, the people that matter know about it quickly."

Careology's story

When my wife was diagnosed with cancer, I watched her go through six months of gruelling chemo, consume thousands of pills (and often struggle to remember if she’d taken them), contend with two neutropenic infections, and endless blood transfusions, biopsies, scans, and appointments... the list goes on!

I was so struck that despite being seriously unwell, she didn’t want to be a nuisance. She became so sick of being sick that we would regularly hold debates over whether she really had to let her nurses know about the side effects she was suffering, because she didn’t want to go back to hospital for more prodding.

Fifteen years of consumer health-tech experience meant I couldn’t help but spot the clear opportunity to support people going through treatment by creating great software and wearable tech, providing greater control and useful tools to help deal with the raft of things that need managing.

I wanted to connect people with a cancer diagnosis to their family and friends, and to their clinicians, to give peace of mind that if something needs attention, the people that matter know about it quickly and can act proactively, before things become more severe.

Careology was born.
Paul Landau, CEO and Founder.

Our purpose

To create more up days for everyone living and dealing with cancer.

We’re here to help people with cancer and those supporting them to make the down days more manageable – and make the up days come more often.

Our team

We’ve assembled a multidisciplinary team made up of clinicians,
software, hardware and big data engineers.

Careology Leadership
Paul Landau

CEO & Founder

Alexis Johnson

CPO (Interim)

James Clark

Director of Business Development

Careology Board
Paul Landau

CEO & Founder

Carl Uminski


Alan Marks

Investor Director

James Ward

Company Secretary

Dr Majid Kazmi

Board Observer & Advisor

Advisory Panel
Miss Joanna Franks

Oncoplastic Surgeon,
The Wellington and University College London Hospital

Dr Benjamin Taylor

Clinical Oncologist,
London Clinic and Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

Nellie Kumaralingam

Lead Nurse within the NHS,
UKONS Board Member and Careology Nurse Advisory Lead

Philippa Dooher

Cancer Specialist Nurse with senior level NHS and private sector experience

Laura Tilt

Registered Dietician
& Health Writer

Nicky Simmons

Healthcare Operations
Senior Advisor

Bob Willmott

Data, Customer Insights
and Loyalty Specialist

Danny Ruta

Clinical Artificial Intelligence Advisor And PROMS Expert
Guy’s Cancer Center

Daniya Malik

Strategic Pharmaceutical And Biotech Advisor

Stuart Hall

Clinical Safety Officer

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