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There are 18 million new diagnoses
across the world each year.*
up-wave *Sources: Cancer Research UK,
Globocan 2018

Each year 2 million people are diagnosed with cancer in the UK and US alone, where a further 17 million people are already living with cancer. A cancer diagnosis is the start of a daunting journey for the patient and their family, that frequently leaves them feeling scared, vulnerable, angry, powerless, alone, and even a nuisance.

Clinicians have little means to remotely identify, manage or proactively support patients going through gruelling and often extremely toxic treatment regimes.

This means that issues can often go unreported or unrecognised until they become advanced; with significant impacts in terms of complexity, outcomes and cost.

For Patients

Patients have to manage and organise numerous elements of their own care. Making daily judgement calls about when to contact their healthcare team if they’re experiencing symptoms or side effects. Our easy to use technology informs, encourages and removes guesswork whilst giving confidence to help with self-management. Connecting to those responsible for their care provides an extra sense of security.

For Family & Friends

Family and friends are concerned about how their loved one is coping physically and emotionally and remain on high alert 24/7. This anxiety is heightened if they do not live close by. Careology provides real-time visibility, enabling family and friends to ‘see’ how their loved one is doing from afar. Giving them peace of mind and helping them to provide support when it’s needed.

For Clinicians

Clinicians have little insight when patients are at home. Unable to see the cumulative effect and toll that treatment may be taking. Toxic build-ups and other emergencies affect an estimated 50% of patients undergoing chemotherapy. Careology Professional, our remote patient monitoring platform, provides access to real-time health information and alerts over their patients’ status. This visibility enables clinicians to proactively respond to issues arising.

Our technology proactively
monitors and alerts those who
need to know in real-time.

Careology enables patients to proactively monitor and manage their vital signs, symptoms, side effects, medication adherence, mental wellbeing and more, alerting them and their care teams of potential issues in real-time.

Careology’s unique approach enables healthcare provides to deliver an enhanced patient experience. Whilst also delivering a broad range of operational and financial benefits.

Our Data
We’re using data to
enhance patient care.

The Careology Cloud amasses unique data sets which, at a micro-level, facilitate important enhancements to patient care. At an anonymised macro level these data sets will facilitate the creation of Machine Learning algorithms that can change the course of healthcare provision and enable predictive analytics that will achieve significant benefits for all involved.

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